Miles to Go Before I Sleep

A few weeks ago I invited my good friend, and very talented street artist, Shai Dahan to join me on a documentary project in the Holyland exploring the artwork along the wall in the West Bank. This controversial canvas and politically sensitive barrier has attracted the attention of many international street artists over last few years, such as Banksy, Blu, JR, Faile, and Conor Harrington.

Within 24 hours, Shai had a flight booked, and after some brainstorming he decided to use one of my photos as the foundation of the piece. This is by far one of the coolest creative collaborations I’ve been a part of to date, and now our work can be seen on a highly visible stretch of the wall in Bethlehem. I’m currently in post on a documentary on the subject, “Art on the Seam.”

Shai adding the final touches, the title of the piece, a line from a poem by Robert Frost: Miles to Go Before I Sleep.

 This is the original image, a Bedouin man I met in Wadi Rum, Jordan.

A screenshot from the film showing the surroundings of the final piece.

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