I didn’t intend on extensively documenting my traveling beverage habits, but the drink makes a pretty nice subject. Also, it’s good for thirst. So two birds, and whatnot.


Above Left: Coca-Cola on a rock, overlooking Petra. Turns out the Holy Grail is, in fact, not hidden behind a series of deadly riddles within the Treasury. So Coke in a can, and not in JC’s goblet, will have to do. Indiana Jones lied to us.

Above Right: Mello Yello in Shibuya, looking out at Tokyo lights.


Above Left: Faygo Moon Mist on a traffic barrel, in front of a wall in Detroit. With a real kick!

Above Right: Corona on the salt, looking out at the Dead Sea. This ancient hypersaline lake sits in the lowest spot on earth, prohibits life, and makes you float like you’re approaching zero-g. I believe a couple Coronas helped me to be even more buoyant.


Above Left: Morning coffee on the hotel patio, looking out at…the Great F*#king Pyramids!!

Above Right: Silver Bullet on a rock, overlooking Red Rocks Amphitheater in Golden, Colorado.


Above Left: Asahi above the clouds on the summit of Mt. Fuji.

Above Right: 7-Up on the desert gravel (a carbonated homage to Lawrence’s “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”), looking out at Wadi Rum. Yesterday I sat where Lawrence wrote and plotted his part in the Arab Revolt. If you know me well enough, you understand my fascination with this moment. This endless desert. Jordan in front of me, Saudi Arabia to my right, and a head full of adventure. And carbonation.


Above Left: Morning coffee on the patio, overlooking my old neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Above Right: Yuengling on a log at my parent’s house in the Pennsylvania sticks.


Above Left: Beer on the Bosphorus, overlooking my Turkish exile.

Above Right: Coca-Cola on the patio, overlooking…somewhere in Marrakech. I’m so lost.


Above Left: Inca Kola on a rock, overlooking Machu Picchu.

Above Right: Dunkin’ on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Gonna Fly Now!


Above Left: Moroccan Tea on the patio, overlooking the Medina in Fez. After 16 hours of flights from Luxor to Cairo to Istanbul to Casablanca, two taxis and two trains, I’m going to need a bigger pot.

Above Right: Orange drink on the gallery, overlooking the Hagia Sofia, and a handful of bewildered tourists who have apparently never seen Fanta being photographed in such a way.


Above Left: Coca-Cola in the immigration holding room, somewhere in Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv. An unexpected plot twist and I’m back in Istanbul. Nothing Is Impervious to F*#kery.

Above Right: V8 on the Old City wall, overlooking…a wall. Pulverized vegetables, fortified with vitamins, and the tower of David in Jerusalem.


Above Left: Coca-Cola on a wall overlooking Chichen Itza.

Above Right: An appropriately named local sugar drink on a sidewalk in Cartagena, Columbia.

(Drinks are better elsewhere.)