Stories from the Holyland

A photo series, video collection, and a handful of articles from the Holyland. Last year began living and working with The Tiziano Project in Israel and the West Bank. My roll was as a student mentor in photo and video journalism, and to create a series of pieces about the region. In December, our team was nominated for an American Giving Award for our work in community journalism.

Jerusalem in 60 Seconds

Video Portrait | The West Bank

Video Portrait | West Jerusalem

Art On The Seam

Travel Stories:

Nothing is Impervious to F*#kery – Istanbul, Turkey

Marrakech is Here to Fix You – Marrakech, Morocco

Motherf*#ker – Fez, Morocco

Please Remember Me When You Come Back – Luxor, Egypt

Miles to Go Before I Sleep – Bethlehem

Stories From, Tiziano Project: 

Our Jerusalem – Tiziano Students in East Jerusalem (Video)


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