Sonic Drive-In: This is How We Sonic

Brand: Sonic Drive-In  | Agency: Mother LA

Across this great land of ours, all roads lead to Sonic.

That's the gist of the drive-in restaurant chain's first campaign from Mother LA. The new work ditches the comedy stylings of the brand's "2 Guys" ads, which ran for nearly a decade. Instead, it takes an inclusive, sea-to-shining-sea approach, celebrating everyday life in different communities.

Tweaking its theme line to "This is how we Sonic" (with "we" replacing "you") and showcasing a restyled red-white-and-blue logo motif, the work, developed with production house IPC and director, David Freid, features real people (mainly families and groups of friends) in unscripted spots.

The 60-second spot, "One Day" introduces the concept, while the 30's focus on some of the campaign's subjects. They tool around in their vehicles, chatting about aspects of their lives—and stop at Sonic for a nosh.